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Zest Festival 2016

Date: Saturday 17 to Sunday 18 September 2016
Venue: Kalbarri, Shire of Northampton, Western Australia
Zest Festival website

Eendracht: Unity, Accepting a World of Difference

With the 400 year anniversary of Dirk Hartog’s landing in Shark Bay just around the corner (or should we say just up the coast) this year’s Zest Festival promises to be a melting pot of cultures connected to the Dutch VOC trade within the Indian Ocean Rim. Maritime trading routes and vibrant ports, such as Malaysia historic port of Malacca, saw many people travel across the globe to discover, prosper and become part of multicultural hotspots brimming with promise.

This year we want to celebrate the youthful energy of young sailors, explorers and women of the era who waited for their loved ones, received the attention of sailors or stepped onto a boat and had the spirit to travel to foreign lands. We will raise a glass to all those who’ve preceded us, recognising their contributions to our Australian society today and the human qualities which opened up new possibilities and connections to the world.

Dirk Hartog’s ship was called the Eendracht which means unity. Come and unite with us as we celebrate our culture and history.