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Zest Festival 2014


ZEST FESTIVAL is a five year event that will be the cultural pulse that will take Kalbarri and nearby communities up to the 400th anniversary of the landing by Dirk Hartog in 2016.

ZEST FESTIVAL is inspired by this significant collision between two worlds and has ignited a new interpretation of history, including exploring our cultural connections to other countries, in particular those cultures touched by the Dutch East India Company: the Netherlands, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, China and Japan.

The Zest Festival in 2014 will focus on colour and textiles, religions and philosophies and the important rituals in life from birth, death, marriage and the coming of age  in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka. We will be exploring the precious cargoes of dyes and textiles traded by the VOC and how these new products impacted on Europe. Who made these dyes and textiles, what did they mean in daily life and how did the new trade affect their lives’?

For more information visit: http://zestfest.com.au

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