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With or Without Body: Feeling, Creating and Performing Emotion

A public panel at The University of Western Australia

Image: Christian Ster, Tears of emotion, 2017, Wikimedia Commons

Date: Thursday 18 July 2019
Time: 6–7:30pm
Venue: Webb Lecture Theatre, Geography Building, The University of Western Australia
Register: All welcome. 

Listen to a recording of the public panel

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In a hyperconnected world, where our social networks are quickly becoming replacements for the physical participation in our emotional communities, how do we navigate the often under-examined relationship between our emotions and our bodies?

We invite you to hear from five speakers who will share their insight and ideas from their expertise in a wide-range of disciplines, including emotions theory and creative performance, posthumanism and interfacing with death, cultural displacement and queer ecologies. The panel will draw from both their vast collective knowledge and interactions with cross-disciplinary fields to explore the [in]corporeality of emotions, and the implications of bodies as emotional conduits in a world that is swiftly moving towards a collective technological platform. 

This public event is part of the Limina 14th Annual Conference HUMANIFESTO: dissecting the human experience, being held at The University of Western Australia, on 19 July 2019. It is supported by Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies, the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions and the UWA Institute of Advanced Studies.