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The Anthroposcene : Artists and Writers in Critical Dialogue with Nature and Ecosystems


Date:17-18 June
Venue: Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University
Workshop facilitators:
Timothy M Collins BFA MFA PhD,Artist, Author and Planner
Reiko Goto Collins BFA MFA PhD, Artist, Author and Designer

Please submit an overview of your work, reasons for attending and equipment needed to participate (c 200 words) to anthroposcene@collinsandgoto.comĀ  by March 30 2014.

More information here

This workshop considers perceptions, values and representations of human relationships with natural systems. The sessions will involve looking, listening, walking and talking with colleagues, and everyone presenting an example of their artwork or writing that imagines new relationships with nature, landscapes, seascapes and ecosystems, or creative response to biodiversity loss and climate change. We expect a mix of tradition and experimentation, new media and old media, narrative, lyricism and poetry.

We assemble to consider how the arts reset perception with experiences that challenge values; with potential to reconfigure feelings of moral responsibility for the environment. We will consider the import and difference between sympathetic and empathic approaches to non-human relationships. Closing with discussion about how the arts contribute to a cultural discourse about aesthetic virtues and the evolution of freedom.

Collins and Goto will perform/present an edited version of "A Conversation with Living Things."

The workshop is offered in concert with:
Affective Habitus: New Environmental Histories of Botany, Zoology and Emotions