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Feeling (for) the Premodern



Date: 2-3 September 2016
Venue: St Catherine's College, The University of Western Australia
Registration: The symposium is free and open to all interested in attending and joining in discussions. Registration is necessary for catering purposes. Please contact Pam Bond pam.bond@uwa.edu.au
Academic enquiries:
please contact Andrew Lynch

Download the program and abstracts


‘Feeling (for) the Premodern’ is a symposium to consider the emotional and affective factors in scholarly, popular, imaginative and recreative involvements with the period 1100-1800, both during and after those dates. What is the emotional history of responses to the premodern past? What shapes and has shaped retrospective desires for this past, and fears of it? How do contemporary cultures feel the premodern, and feel for it? ‘Feeling (for) the Premodern’ assembles a wide range of researchers in literary, historical and cultural studies to share ideas on these and related questions.

Confirmed participants include:

David Matthews (Manchester) as Keynote Speaker;
Anke Bernau (Manchester);
Susan Broomhall (UWA);
Louise D’Arcens (Macquarie);
Duc Dau (UWA);
Clare Davidson (UWA);
Helen Dell (Melbourne);
Stephanie Downes (Melbourne);
Mike Rodman Jones (Nottingham);
Andrew Lynch (UWA);
Robin Macdonald (UWA);
Paul Megna (UWA);
Michael Ovens (UWA);
Stephanie Trigg (Melbourne);
Helen Young (Sydney)

'Feeling (for) the Premodern' is the 2016 Collaboratory of the Meanings Program of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, Europe 1100-1800.