Research Stream

Linda Williams

Linda Williams is an Associate Investigator (2015, 2016) based in Melbourne. Her research is in the interdisciplinary fields of the environmental humanities and studies in human-animal relations - particularly histories of the longue durée, and the contemporary issues of climate change and mass species extinction. Linda has curated major international exhibitions on these research themes, and currently leads an ARC Linkage Project: Spatial Dialogues: Public Art & Climate Change with  partners Grocon and Fairfax Media. Her work on social theory, historical sociology and European philosophy is focused on questions of materiality—such as the ontological status of the animal and the nonhuman world in human history, and the connections between cultural history, science and technology. She also has a particular interest in 17th century studies.

An Associate Professor of Art, Environment & Cultural studies at RMIT University, Linda is also key researcher at the HfE Mellon Observatory for the Environmental Humanities at the University of Sydney, and a Research  Associate of  Circles of Sustainability at the University of Western Sydney. She has also recently accepted an invitation to be president of ASLECANZ (The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, Australia and new Zealand)



A green thought in a green shade: the role of feeling in the works of John Evelyn


Williams, L. ‘Seventeenth-Century Concepts of the Nonhuman World: A Nascent Romanticism?’ Green Letters 21 (2017).

Williams, L. ‘The Anthropocene and the Long Seventeenth Century 1550–1750’.  In The Cultural History of Climate Change, edited by T. Bristow and T.H. Ford.  Routledge, pp. 87-107.London and New York, 2016.