Elizabeth Reid

Elizabeth Reid is a Project Officer for the Centre’s ‘Zest Festival’ project at The University of Western Australia (UWA). She is conducting research (including interviewing contributors and attendees of the Kalbarri-based Zest festival) towards the production of an online database and a book, documenting the enriching cultural and communal impact that the project has achieved through sustained collaboration with the Kalbarri community, its school and external artists. Elizabeth recently completed her PhD, titled ‘Fashioning Female Identities: Embodying Learned Values in Renaissance Florence’. The dissertation presented a systematic, broad-scale study of the experience of elite women to reveal the ways in which masculine articulations of cultural values translated into a female rhetoric of embodied morality. Elizabeth has previously worked as a research assistant on several projects, including projects that focused on cross-cultural pedagogy and students’ development of graduate attributes. She has worked as a tutor at Western Sydney University and Macquarie University, teaching units focusing on different aspects of history, literature and social science. She is also a painter and has a degree in Creative Arts.




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