Dianne Hall

Dianne Hall is Senior lecturer in European history at Victoria University, Melbourne. She researches the histories of violence, gender, religion and memory, focusing on the Irish in the medieval and early modern periods and in the modern diaspora. In 2004, Four Courts Press published a monograph Women and the church in medieval Ireland, which was the first full-length study on the topic. In 2001 she took up a position as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Queen’s University, Belfast, working on the project 'Memory, Place and Symbol:  Irish Identities and Landscape in Colonial Australia' led by Dr Lindsay Proudfoot.

In 2004 she was awarded an ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship for the project 'Gender, Violence and the Irish, 1200-1900' with Professor Elizabeth Malcolm. In this project, Dr Hall and Prof. Malcolm researched violence and gender in Ireland, analysing the differing ways both men and women understood, negotiated, perpetrated and controlled violence over a long period of time. The project focused on interpersonal violence, including homicide, assault, abduction, rape, dueling, family and marital violence and infanticide, as well as political and social violence, as expressed in rebellion, war, sectarianism and communal, ritualised and recreational conflict.  She continues to research on aspects of violence and gender in early modern and medieval Europe.

Narratives of violence and religious division continued to resonate in the Irish diaspora in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This is particularly relevant to Australia because large numbers of Irish, both Catholic and Protestant, migrated here, with Catholics forming a significant ethnically and religiously distinct minority during the colonial period, when Irish and British Protestants continued to fear Catholic influence. Dr Hall continues to research on both Australian Irish Catholic and Protestant concepts of identity and memory in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and is currently joint Chief Investigator on an ARC funded project 'The Irish in Colonial Australia: Race, Representation and Repression' (2013-2015).



Emotions, Children and War in Early Modern Ireland



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2015, Moore Institute Visiting Fellowship, National University Ireland, Galway.
2013, Australian Research Council, Discovery Grant
2011, Victoria University, Mid-Career Researcher Grant
2004, Australian Research Council, Discovery Grant and Post Doctoral Fellowship