Research Stream

Catherine Mann

Dr Catherine Mann is an Associate Investigator (2015–2016) with the ‘Meanings’ Program of the Centre. Catherine holds an interdisciplinary PhD in History and English from The University of Melbourne. Her research project focuses on the relationship between emotions and the expression of emotions in sixteenth-century correspondence and the ways affective exchange is coded and cast through a range of registers, topics, discourses and strategies. Catherine’s interest is in the contemporary and gendered epistolary exchange and emotional economy that was contained, corrected and performed through didacticism, supplication, disruption and elision. She is also interested in the slipping of meaning between contemporary and modern commentators and the identification, reception and creation of correspondence as an emotional portal to the past.

Catherine combines research with teaching student engagement in international higher education, and leading a team who works with students to create and connect, find and fashion emotional, professional and lived meanings within their broader university education and experience. Since 2013 she has been an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for the Study of Higher Education in the Graduate School of Education at The University of Melbourne. In 2010, she was invited to join the International Taskforce on Academic Advising for NACADA: The global community for academic advising, at the University of Kansas. In 2015, she was Chair of the second NACADA international conference, ‘Partnering for Student Success’, with over 320 faculty, staff and students from 17 different countries.



Missing the Point: Meaning and Misunderstanding in The Lisle Letters, 1533–1540

Refereed Articles

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Mann, C. (2012) Awarded best presentation by the Commission for Assessment in Academic Advising.

‘Minding theGap: Measuring Student Expectations of Success’, NACADAAnnual Conference, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Recent Papers and Presentations

Mann, C. (2016). Presentation: ‘Remote Control Emotions: Managing Meaning, Manipulation and Misunderstanding in The Lisle Letters ‘, First International Conference on Contemporary and Historical Approaches to Emotions, The University of Wollongong at Sydney, 5–7 December 2016.  

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