Philippa Maddern Prize


The Philippa Maddern Prize is awarded to the best Emotions: History, Culture, Society article of the year.

The criteria for the prize are:

  • an intellectually challenging and persuasive argument
  • persuasive application of emotion theories
  • provides a new and innovative perspective in the field of the history of emotions 

Volume 2 (2018) Winner

Erin Sullivan, for her article 'The Role of the Arts in the History of Emotions: Aesthetic Experience and Emotion as Method'. Emotions: History, Culture, Society 2.1 (2018): 113–31.

Volume 1 (2017) Winner

Ben Gook, for his article 'Ecstatic Melancholic: Ambivalence, Electronic Music and Social Change around the Fall of the Berlin Wall'. Emotions: History, Culture, Society 1.2 (2017): 11–37.