‘The Vault’ online emotions adventure

The CHE Education Outreach team is developing an online game for 12-15 year olds connecting emotions, history and material culture.

TheVault_nologo crop.jpg

“Discover what it means to be human and change the destiny of man-kind forever by unlocking the past.”

The game concept involves a futuristic world, a lone survivor, and a first person quest for the understanding of emotions throughout history. The audience will reveal story elements as they play and be rewarded with a richly detailed narrative - one that will encourage deeper thinking about the crucial role that emotions have played for humanity throughout history. The key aim of the project is to create a lasting resource for students to understand the importance of emotion and what part it has played in shaping our history.

The game is currently in the ‘pitch video’ development stage with Monkeystack Animation, supported by CHE Postdoctoral Fellow and EO Carly Osborn and the South Australian Department of Education.

This pitch video will be used to promote the project and source funding for game development.


Carly Osborn - carly.osborn@adelaide.edu.au