Research Programs

Research at the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (Europe 1100 - 1800) takes place within the following four programs:


    • Meanings


      Program Leader: Bob White

      This program carries out fundamental research into understanding what emotions were thought to be, and how they were understood, expressed, and enacted in Europe 1100-1800.

    • Change


      Program Leader: David Lemmings

      This program deals with mass or communal emotions, in particular mass and communal events which were emotionally driven, but had lasting political and social implications and consequences.

    • Performance


      Program Leader: Professor Jane Davidson

      This program carries out research into how emotions were understood, expressed, displayed, transferred, and constructed through performing and visual arts. --music, opera, drama and art.

    • Shaping the Modern

      Shaping the Modern

      Program Leader: Professor Stephanie Trigg

      This program draws connections between the emotions history of Europe 1100 - 1800, and what is happening in Australia today, both in terms of European-Australian continuities and the survival of our European heritage, and in terms of the emotional investment of modern Australians in their European past.