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A public panel at the Lawrence Wilson Gallery, The University of Western Australia


Image: Photo of 'Real Fake'  sculpture by Scott Reeder, taken by Cole Camplese (16 July 2017), Wikimedia Commons

Date: Wednesday 30 October 2019
Time: 5–7:00pm
Venue: Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, The University Club of Western Australia
Register: Participation is free, but registration is imperative for catering purposes.

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What makes a good fake?
How do we identify fakes?
Can technology detect authenticity?
How can we detect fake sincerity?
What are the legal and ethical implication of fakes?
When is a fake better than the real thing?

Please join us for a convivial discussion about the art, craft, and science of fakes hosted by the Centre for the History of Emotions, the Tech and Public Interest research group, and the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.

In the spirit of a salon, clever, incisive, and unpredictable conversation is guaranteed. Bring your own short (2–3 minute) provocation, performance, or dramatic reading – or just turn up to see where the conversation takes us.

To get us started, expert insights on the topic of fakes will be offered by five featured speakers:

  • Oron Catts (fake meats)
  • Jani McCutcheon (copyright and authenticity)
  • Julia Powles (merchants of truth)
  • Kathryn Prince (fake feelings)
  • Ted Snell (art fakes)