Mirko Sardelic

Dr Mirko Sardelić is an Honorary Postdoctoral  Research Fellow at CHE, based at The University of Western Australia under the NEWFELPRO scheme. He graduated in History and Classics from the University of Zagreb in 2004. He worked in academic publishing as the executive editor for books in history, classics and linguistics for four years before going back to academia. In 2007 he started work at the Department of Historical and Social Sciences of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He received his PhD in Medieval History from the University of Zagreb in 2013.

Dr Sardelić’s main research interest is in studying contacts between different cultures. More specifically, he has studied the relations between Europe and Asia in the late Middle Ages and the early modern period in regard to representation of the Other and the role of emotions in cross-cultural encounters. As a doctoral candidate he produced the first Croatian translation (2010) of Carmen miserabile, the account of the Mongol invasion written by Roger of Apulia. His doctoral thesis dealt with the European perception of the Mongols in the 13th century, though lately his research has shifted more towards early relations between Europe and the Ottoman Empire (up to the late 16th century).




The role of emotions in contacts between Eurasian cultures – Representation of the Oriental Other in Medieval and Early Modern Central Europe (Emotions Otherness)


2007 winter semester: Doctoral research at University of Cambridge (BST grant)
2009 winter semester: doctoral research at LAMOP institute, Paris IV Sorbonne (French government grant)
2010-11 Fulbright visiting scholar at Columbia University
2014-15 participant in the project ‘From Riverbed to Seashore: Art on the Move in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean in the Early Modern Period’, Harvard University & Getty Foundation
2015-16 Project coordinator at the UWA in Perth (NEWFELPRO Croatia/Marie Curie grant)

Select publications


Sardelić, M. ‘Model proučavanja i izazovi povijesti emocija – skica’ [’Methodologies and challenges in the history of emotions – an outline]. Historijski zbornik 68.2: (2016):395‒402. (In Croatian); available online: http://hrcak.srce.hr/165472.

Sardelić, M. ‘Kumani-Kipčaci između Europe i Azije u kasnome srednjem vijeku’ [The Cuman-Qipčaqs between Asia and Europe in the Late Middle Ages’]. Migracijske i etničke teme 31.2 (2015): 247‒74. (In Croatian); available online: http://hrcak.srce.hr/149816; DOI: 10.11567/met.31.2.3.

Sardelić, M. ‘The Mongols and Europe in the First Half of the 13th Century: Prophecies and Apocalyptic Scenarios’. Proceedings of the conference Prophecy, Divination, Apocalypse: 33rd Annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum, ed. Aniesha R. Andrews, 2013, 100‒12.

Sardelić, M. ‘Europski klerici i misionari o Mongolima: percepcija stepskih barbara u Europi sredinom 13. stoljeća (European clerics and missionaries on Mongols: The perception of the steppe barbarians in 13th century Europe), Zbornik Odsjeka za povijesne znanosti Zavoda za povijesne i društvene znanosti HAZU 29 (2011): 5‒25.

Book chapters

‘Literary sources from the end of 2nd to end of the 6th century’, The Archaeology of Roman Southern Pannonia, edited by Branka Migotti, 71-92. BAR International series 2393, Oxford, 2012.


Rogerije iz Apulije Carmen miserabile (Roger of Apulia; translated from Latin and annotated by M. SARDELIC), Zagreb 2010.

Conference talks

‘Archbishop Bernard between Hungary and Split’, international conference ‘The Doors of Andrija Buvina in Split Cathedral 1214-2014’, (co-author Judit Gál, CEU, Budapest), Split, 24 September 2014.

‘Violence as war strategy: 13th century Mongol conquests’, international congress ‘Violence in the Ancient and Medieval World’, Lisabon, 17-19 February 2014.

‘The Cumans in the Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia in the 13th century’, IX International forum ‘Croatians and Bulgarians through centuries’, Sofia, 21 June 2012.

‘The Mongols and Europe: Prophecies and Apocalyptic Scenarios’, 33rd Annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum, Plymouth, NH, 20-21 April 2012.

‘European clerics and missionaries on Mongols: The perception of the steppe barbarians in 13th century Europe’, 14th Harvard East Asian Society Conference, Harvard, 25-27 February 2011.

‘Roger of Apulia, archbishop of Split (1249-1266)’, Mediterranean Studies Association annual congress Cagliari, Sardinia, 26-29 May 2009.